Annual Report

Work of janadhar sevabhavi sanstha (herein after referred to in short as jas) is run commensurate to principal objects in its trust deed. Jas is dedicated to up lift marginalized poor sector working as safai kamgar. Its work is implemented in waste pickers, downtrodden, working class particularly from poor neglected distressed class of society. This class mostly begs to earn its bread or meals. Few persons from them if affected by incurable skin disease, then nobody is willing to provide employment to them. In turn they have to depend on begging for daily eatables.

Since last over 12 years, jas works to make them self-supportive by providing works to their hands as safai kamgar. Jas is entrusted works of waste management by latur municipal corporation since sep.2017

dry or wet waste from each house is nuisance to society, but if managed skillfully health & wealth can be created from waste duly creating opportunity for poor workers to work as safai kamgar devoting towards swatchha bharat abhiyan.

A tender for works of waste management was published by latur municipal corporation in april 2017 and jas submitted a competitive bid for the same. Taking in to consideration its past records and dedicated efforts to collect waste and devotion towards skillful waste management latur municipal corporation has finally awarded work order to jas for a period of 5+2 years and thus jas started waste management work since sep.2017

at that time latur was standing in ranks of swatchha bharat mission below 360 nos. In india. However due to incessant skillful and systematic waste management of latur city, it was able to won 1st number in india in category of 3 to 10 lakhs population city, in the aspects of swachha bharat survey.

This was achieved due to team work of more than 650 safai kamgar male/female through various self-help groups working under a definite goal and committed efforts including works of swachhatai who had aroused awareness in public at large by separating wet waste and dry waste from each home collection duly supported by public awareness programmes, proper training programmes conducted for swachhatai & safai kamgar, segregation of waste collection, proper treatment on collected waste, best disposal methods adhered to in the entire process and what not?

Out of 650 safai kamgar working for the process, almost 380 are male workers and 270 are female workers.

In respect of women workers, jas took help of swayamsiddha mahila mandal (smm) latur a trust, working since last over 24 years and devoted to cause of marginalized women in distress and orphan girls. Smm has pretty skillfully handled works related to 270 female workers either swatchhatai or safai kamgar.

Proper training to female workers was given in sabhagruha & open space of smm at p69 midc latur since 1st may to 5th may 2018

similarly male workers were also trained at this place wef 10th to 13th may 2018

The training programme was conducted on points as under,

1. What is solid waste and what it consists off?

2. Segregation of wet waste, dry waste and hazardous waste

3. How to safely handle waste?

4. How to incur value addition out of segregated waste?

Deep training programme was conducted with theory, practical, audio-video graphics, presentations, interactive sessions, forms filing, work detailing and such other aspects.

Jas is also working for waste management in umaraga of osmanabad district since last over 5 years involving almost 110 safai kamagar through various self-help groups.

Based on quality of work lohara municipal council of osmanabad district has also entrusted its waste management works to jas since 13.4.2018 involving almost 75 safai kamagar through various self-help groups.

Expert resource person mr. Dipak chabukswar has imparted apt guidance in training programmes.

Training programme proved pretty useful for safai kamagar in actual handling their waste management works.

At this place we are implementing a programme of waste management without waste depot.