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Jan-adhar sevabhavi sanstha has pledged to improve the socio-economic status of the rag pickers by involving them into management, supervision and ground level waste collection and processing.

Jan-adhar sansth have established a state of art process for collection, segregation, processing of msw so that many national level organizations have awarded the work.

So far more around 1200 employment generation for economic year 2019-20. Whereas more than 3000 employment generation done so far throughout the working journey directly or indirectly. Collaboration with various national institutions and organizations.Work experience of more than 18 years in msw.

The main strength of the organization comes from thought that waste is not a problem but an opportunity.

It reflects to the social life of the rag pickers also the processing methodologies for the generated

Background : Basis of Work

  • Study formed basis of impact on livelihood of rag pickers and their socio-economic status.
  • Study formed basis of understanding the need of solid waste management processing and value additionton.
  • Study formed basis of understanding that the waste is not a problem its a solution to improve the socio-economicof pickers environmental health.
  • Market research & analysis on processing of municipal solid waste.
  • Study formed the basis for design innovations.
  • Contextual methods employed for data collection out of which experience data and research induced in the presentation.

Life of Rag Pickers

  • Waste picker are present in every city.
  • Most of them are migrated.
  • They are unskilled.
  • Most of them belong to scheduled casts and nomadic tribes.
  • They are helpless, non-wealthy and uneducated part of the  society.
  • They are homeless live in hunts and slums.heir life span is low compared to others.
  • Most of them are alcoholic and addicted.

Reuse Reduce Recycle

Waste Management

Tree Plantation

Save Environment

Daily Activities
Carried Out in Latur City






Case Study

Based on Latur City Muncipal Corporation Solid Waste Management Follwing are Findings

Population*(Year-2011 Census)

Approx. 3,80,000 People

Daily Waste
(Year -2011 Census)

Approx. 150 to 190 TPD

Daily waste Collection

Daily Waste Generation(Year Up to 2021)

Approx. 250 TPD

According to the Census 2011 the population growth rate is 54% in decade that  will be approx. 200000 population increment in last 9 years.Thus daily

waste generation goes to Approx. 250 TPD

Working Site
Processing Unit


  • Contextual methods employed for data collection out of which  experience data and research induced in the presentation. As we have seen there is the potential of 200 TPD waste to be collected on day basis but following points are supposed to be considered.
  •        For collection of all of the waste implementation of proper system & manpower is required.
  •       Existing system is not comprehensive enough to get the job done.
  •       The ratio of Waste amount to the rag pickers is in negative phase thus there should be more rag pickers collecting the waste than existing. It needs budget increment for the system. Also the system needs proper training to the Rag pickers, supervisors is necessary by implementing latest machinery and methodologies.
  •       Awareness program should be more effective than existing one.
  •      Technical and non-technical staff should be more to handle this amount of the waste than the existing one to maintain proper flow of the business.
  • Sufficient budget should be allocated than existing to achieve the goals.

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